My Weight Loss Regimen

My Weight Loss Regimen

What I Did

My life changed dramatically in 1995 when I was stricken with a heart attack. I was terrified to the point where I listened to my doctors and actually did as they advised. I was struck by the manner in which the heart surgeons communicated. First, they refer to themselves as either “plumbers” or electricians since effectively, they are concerned with the bodies plumbing or electrical systems.

I have moved frequently with my job and have encountered many specialists over the years. Without exception, they are devoid of personality—at least on the job—and are very matter-of-fact in what they have to say. They tell it like it is and leave it up to you to decide if you want to follow through on their advice. Once the facts and treatments are communicated, heart surgeons believe their job is done.

I actually love these doctors; they continually pull a miracle out of the air every time I need it. Therefore, I listen carefully and do as they say.

In 1995—I weighed over 370 lbs.—and in approximately eight months I lost well over 150 lbs. I accomplished this miracle by:

  1. Abruptly stopping cold my consumption of beer—I drank way too much beer.
  2. Cutting out all salt, sugar and virtually every fatty food and processed food I could identify.
  3. I ate:
    • Meat, beans, rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and breads in quantity
    • I ate three times a day and never, ever ate one bite between meals
  4. I exercised like a madman; seven days a week:
    • I got up at 5:00AM and went to the gym for treadmill and weight training
    • Every day, my wife and I took to the mesa around our house in Albuquerque and hiked for at least an hour over uneven terrain and up and down fairly decent grades
    • My job was not sedentary but also not a good source of exercise

I was a robot; I never deviated from my diet—which was actually liberal in regard to quantity and variety—and never missed a gym day or hike on the mesa. I was a hero to all who knew me and a miracle to my doctors—a patient who actually did as they advised—and I was damn proud of myself.

It is now 16 years later, I still am on the same diet and have not gained another pound; not one!