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Water Diet

Addition to Your Regular Diet

This diet is one that is unproven and any statements or tenets presented here are intended only to provide non-medical information and some of my personal conclusions in a conversational format. I was reviewing some diets on the internet this last week and encountered one that has come up in the past. The Water Diet is being presented by the Institute for Psychoactive Research located at 3418 Heatherwood Ln., Durham, NC 27713.

The Water Diet is based on drinking 64 ounces of water or one half-gallon—in addition to any other beverages you may consume—each day.

The diet is predicated on the assumed fact that water in this quantity—this is the amount recommended by health professionals for many years—will somehow flush or otherwise rid the system of fat, reducing the user’s weight.

There is no need to spend appreciable money on water since it is available from the tap at little charge. Also, it is always immediately available so there is no excuse or reason not to comply consuming the requisite amount of water. If the water in your region is certified as safe by a governmental agency, it is not harmful.   

How to: “Water Diet”

  1. Maintain your regular eating habits or pursue a dietetic regimen of your choice.
  2. Drink 64 ounces of water every day. For purposes of comfort, it seems best to space out the water in increments of 8 ounces, eight times throughout the day.
  3. Do not use ice because it distorts the ability to measure the correct amount of water.
  4. Do not drink heated water but you may drink refrigerated water.
  5. Do not add flavoring agents to the 64 ounces of water to improve it nutritional content or improve it flavor.
  6. Drink filtered water, rain water, hard water or distilled water. Do not drink bottled water that is represented to contain anything else than pure water.

Some Initial Effects of Water Diet

  1. You may feel lightheaded when first beginning the diet.
  2. You may feel full to the point of sloshing but this can be mitigated by drinking the water ate spaced intervals.

Do Not Begin the Water Diet Without Checking With Your Doctor, If:

  1. You are on water restricted diet for medical reasons.
  2. You are on life-maintaining medication that could possibly be flushed from your system by drinking more water than you normally do.
  3. There is any concern about flushing vitamins or minerals from your system.

The water diet is apparently intended to be used over a period of time for gradual weight loss.

There is no immediate data to support the value of this diet.