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My Weight Loss Program-Part Deux

My Program in Later Years

I wrote in my last blog about my heart problems that manifested themselves in 1995. Obviously, they were in the works for years before I became aware of them. As a result of that blissful ignorance I weighed over 370 lbs., never exercised and had a stressful job with long hours. Oh yeah, I was right at 51 years old.

When I discussed this last, I talked about how I lost over 150 lbs. in a little over eight months. I realize this sounds unbelievable, but after all, I was motivated by the desire to live.

Another unbelievable fact is that I am still at the same weight as I was after losing the 150 lbs. I have maintained this weight, without varying, for 16 years.

I previously talked about how I initially lost the weight; Now, I think it is also important to discuss I keep it off for 16 years. This sounds like an ad for a weight loss product and if you consider healthy foods a weight loss product—which you should—then it is an advertisement.

After losing the weight, I did several things—that were necessary for me—to keep the weight off:

  1. I have not touched alcohol, salted my food or used sugar in 16 years and I don’t miss any of it!
  2. I have continued to eat the same foods and stuck to the same regimen I used to lose weight. I gradually began to eat more, but if I ate from the food groups I described in my last blog, it didn’t seem to matter.
  3. I continued to exercise aerobically with walking and hiking, and a progressive weight program using free-weights and circuit-training machines. Aerobics burn calories and progressive weight-resistance training builds muscle, which burns calories faster.
  4. I am now retired and my heart is continuing to weaken, so I am only able to walk 10 to 15 minutes at a time; I do this twice daily. During the winter months I actually do this exercise in the house. Doing what you can without making excuses or reasons why you can’t is the only way. Also, some exercise is infinitely better than none.