February 2012

Dangerous Diet Drugs

How Unsafe are Diet Drugs

Many people who want to lose weight turn to pills and other oral treatments that are a clear and present danger to their health and their life. Some people are willing to take pills that damage their health over a period of time. They must understand that these pills may kill them immediately.

I Don’t Want Your Dieting Advice

I’m not even dieting; dude, I just want to be comfortable.

This week, I caved in and started something that I’m not sure how to name. I don’t like the word diet, and it’s certainly not a diet in the strictest sense. I’ve simply given up a couple of vices—soda and sweets, as well as junk fast food—and decided to eat healthier food with—sigh—yes, fewer calories. I am pretty overweight, and I’ve actually accepted that as something that’s okay and doesn’t define me as a person (unlike how many others view it). I am doing this, however, because I just don’t feel great.

I’m sick more often than I’d like to be, and I am very uncomfortable when I move (particularly in the heat). I don’t have a set number of pounds I want to lose, or a size in mind; I just want to be comfortable again. I know plenty of fat people who are healthy—they eat healthy foods, they move every day, and they’re fat, and that’s fine. But I’m not healthy, and I don’t move my body every day like I need to. I want to be one of these people. I just want to feel good in my own skin again.