March 2012

Water Diet

Addition to Your Regular Diet

This diet is one that is unproven and any statements or tenets presented here are intended only to provide non-medical information and some of my personal conclusions in a conversational format. I was reviewing some diets on the internet this last week and encountered one that has come up in the past. The Water Diet is being presented by the Institute for Psychoactive Research located at 3418 Heatherwood Ln., Durham, NC 27713.

The Juicing King

Juice to Health?

Norman Wardhaugh Walker was born on January 4, 1886 and died on June 6, 1985. He advocated the drinking of freshly drawn raw vegetable and fruit juice as a recipe for vigorous health. Much of the information used by juicers—those people who believe in the benefits of juicing—was produced by Norman Wardhaugh Walker.

Walker wrote six books published from 1937 to 1978. He also invented the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer, an appliance still produced and sold today. Many different sources claimed the juicing regimen kept Walker alive and in good health up to the age of 119 years of age. Actually, Mr. Walker died at 99 years of age.

My Weight Loss Regimen

What I Did

My life changed dramatically in 1995 when I was stricken with a heart attack. I was terrified to the point where I listened to my doctors and actually did as they advised. I was struck by the manner in which the heart surgeons communicated. First, they refer to themselves as either “plumbers” or electricians since effectively, they are concerned with the bodies plumbing or electrical systems.